Home ‘smart meters’ invade our privacy


Sun, 03/09/2014 – 7:00am | The News-Gazette

If you signed up for electric aggregation, you unwittingly agreed to allow a “smart meter” (Ameren’s AMI electric meter) to be installed on your home, in violation of your Fourth Amendment right. How so?

The AMI meter has two-way communication with Ameren. Most new appliances in your home, especially those rated with an Energy Star, have been sneakingly fitted with radio-frequency identification chips, turning those appliances into electronic, digital snitches. This permits data collection on everything you do when home and when you’re gone.

Lockheed Martin’s cyber security office in 2010 warned that the “smart” grid will open up 440 million new hackable points, not including home appliances. The smart-grid, deeply embedded in electric aggregation, is a surveillance tool leading to unreasonable, warrantless search and seizure by utilities and ultimately the state — like the National Security Agency spying but on steroids.

We all support energy conservation; there is a right way and a wrong way. It must be done without damaging our constitutional rights. Tell Ameren you want to keep the AMR meter, which transmits only one way, thus preserving your right to privacy and security. The smart grid is a great threat to our national security. Please check out the new documentary DVD “Take Back Your Power” and the book “Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire.




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