SmartMeter radiation maybe no different from other devices


I am writing in reply to the letter regarding the proposal to put SmarMeters in Brigham City (March 16 letter, “Harmful radiation emitted by SmartMeters”).

Russia’s restrictions on heating have nothing to do with their having smart meters! China has similar restrictions as to when their residents can have heating and even though they produce many of our manufactured goods (possibly even the SmartMeters), very few of those goods are made available to China’s own residents, and hence it is unlikely that China utilizes SmartMeters.

Saying that a physicians group is against SmartMeters does not constitute proof they are harmful. In spite of their education, many of them may not have the specialized knowledge on the effects of electromagnetic radiation to make such a pronouncement. Such knowledge is probably not requisite for studying to be doctors of medicine, unless they chose to specialize in it.

Even before reading the letter, I had wondered how the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a SmartMeter compares to that of other electronic devices. In today’s modern world, we are besieged by a multitude of many electronic devices including, cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers (everywhere), etc. There may have already been a study done on the electromagnetic radiation emitted by such meters. If not, I invite scientists and engineers (or students of such fields) to make a survey of such radiation. (Note that in doing so, it should be kept in mind that the intensity most electromagnetic radiation (including light) decreases according to the square of the distance. If one is twice the distance from a source of electromagnetic radiation, one will receive a fourth the energy.)

In spite of the problems of accuracy that can be attributed to such meters, note that human meter readers are not far from error either.

What Brigham City does will be an issue for its residents, however, such decisions are best made in the light of scientific reasoning. Also note that the effects of electromagnetic radiation are a current topic for electrical engineering and efforts to design and make better Faraday shields (which block electromagnetic radiation) are in the works right now.

David Robert Boyce



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