Dozens Protest Smart Meters at City Council

Thursday – March 20, 2014 3:26 pm
Dozens Protest Smart Meters at City Council

Light rain failed to dampen the spirits of dozens of city residents who came out to city council meeting on Tuesday March 18th.

The city voted in 2010 to remove the analog meters and install the so called Smart Meters which are designed to send radio signals to the utility office instead of having meter readers go around to each house to read meters as has the practice for years.

Protesters explained their opposition to the meters and relied on scientific studies, including one from the esteemed scientific journel “Lancet.”

The radio waves emitted by the smart meters are said to cause blood disorders in a large segment of the population including children and older people with comprimised immune systems.

The city began installing smart meters over two years ago and so far not one of them has been successful in its intended purpose.

The city brought in a consultant to study the problem. Consultants said the software the city has is not ever going to “talk” to the smart meters.

The adoption of smart meters is doomed from the start.  Yet, in the face of these fatal errors it appears the city intends to push ahead with the installation of smart meters whether city residents like it or not.

Many residents have installed protective coverings over their existing analog meters to keep city officials from coming on their property and installing smart meters without the homeowner’s permission.

Judi Hangartner, organizer of the portest march is seeking from the city a copy of their policy regarding smart meters.  She has so far been unable to obtain such a document.


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