Group Brings Petition Against “Smart Meter”

Updated: Saturday, February 14 2015, 03:15 PM CST
By: Erin Nichols – Right now CPS Energy is working to install smart meters in homes around San Antonio, but some feel the fees associated with opting out of the policy are unfair, so they are taking a bold step against the technology.
“We would just like the choice to opt out and not be penalized for that choice,” said concerned citizen Susan Straus.
Straus is part of group of Alamo Heights residents working to change the city charter.If approved, the amendment would give city leaders the power to regulate CPS Energy’s smart meter opt-out policy.
Residents who don’t want a smart meter installed on their property could out of the program at no cost.“It is amazing how many people; residents are opposed to this already,” said Straus.
CPS Energy’s opt out policy allows homeowners to choose a non-communicating meter over a smart meter, which uses radio frequency transmissions.
However, most of those who opt out must pay a onetime $175 fee and an extra 20 dollars a month. “That makes it similar to a forced installation,” said Straus.
The group says they’ve come across alarming reports concerning the potential of house fires to result from smart meter installations, and the low energy radiation emitted from the technology.
“We feel smart meters are a threat to our health, our home, they are a huge fire risk, and our safety,” she said.
CPS Energy released a statement saying:  “The franchise agreement with Alamo Heights, along with guidelines from the public utility commission, allow us to make decisions that help provide our customers service that is affordable, reliable and safe… It would be unfair for other customers to shoulder the financial costs of a few.”
The petition will now be reviewed by the city secretary before going to city leaders.
Two representatives from the League of Latin American Citizens said they are going to look at creating a similar petition in San Antonio.



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