Cell phones radiation is making headlines again with Berkeley’s Right to Know ordinance

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Beginning today, potential cell phone buyers in Berkeley, California will be greeted by a salesperson and a warning concerning potential radiation exposure. Under the Right to Know ordinance passed unanimously by the Berkeley City Council back in May, cell phone retailers are required to inform consumers that by carrying a cell phone on your person (in your shirt pocket, pants, or bra), “You may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure.” The warning further states, “The potential risk is greater for children.”

Already, there are federal regulations in place meant to warn cell phone users of the limits of safe radiation that can be expected from normal cell phones and cell phone usage, but under this new set of guidelines, Berkeley lawmakers are heightening the level of concern surrounding mobile devices.

The science around cell phone radiation has long been a contentious subject — whereas some dismiss claims of cell phone dangers as unwarranted hysterics, others insist that the lack of testing when it comes to cell phones in close proximity with our bodies has stunted the amount of information available. According to Environmental Health Trust’s Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. Robert Morris, “If industry does not want to advise people about the fact that phones are not tested next to the body, then they should get the FCC to change its requirements for radiation testing. They cannot do this because, if phones were tested next to the body, they would be found to emit too much radiation to pass current standards.”

Certainly, there have been a number of studies that seem to link heavy cell phone usage with certain medical side effects. For example, studies in both Australia and India have found that men who use their cell phones most frequently (and keep them in their pants pocket) had lower sperm counts than those who used cell phones less often. Other studies have also suggested a link between radiation exposure from cell phone usage and certain types of brain cancer.

Still, the skeptics remain thoroughly unimpressed, and even the American Cancer Society has noted that cancer cases observed in people who carry cellphones may be coincidental or anecdotal. And as Dr. Jerrold T. Bushberg, a medical physicist and a professor of radiology and radiation oncology at the University of California, Davis, told the New York Times, “We’ve been looking for signs of adverse effects at low levels for over 50 years without success. We can’t say it’s impossible, but if there is a risk it would be very, very low, or we would have seen an increase in brain cancers.”

Proponents of the new Berkeley ordinance, however, say that they’re simply exercising extra caution — after all, the warnings aren’t impinging upon anyone’s right to buy a cellphone. As Dr. Morris stated, “Over the past twenty years, cell phone use has exploded to the point where it is almost universal, but we have limited understanding of the potential risk caused by these devices. This may well be the largest uncontrolled public health experiment in human history.” Morris noted that the health risks were uncertain, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, part of the World Health Organization) determined that the radiation emitted by cell phones was a possible cause of cancer.

Morris concluded that until more definitive research was conducted, “… it seems prudent to reduce exposures, especially when doing so can involve something as simple as using headphones. Improving consumers’ access to warnings about potential risks, warnings that are already in the phones, is a no-brainer.”

Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/cell-phones-radiation-is-making-headlines-again-with-berkeleys-right-to-know-ordinance/#ixzz3hrIj7GTi


Good News: Israel’s Ban on Wi-Fi in Kindergarten in Schools Additionally, Italian State of Tyrol Calls for Limiting Wireless in Schools

As of this fall, Israel and Italy are officially recommending schools reduce children’s exposures to wireless radiation. The Israeli Ministry of Health has initiated a major public awareness effort to reduce wireless and electromagnetic radiation exposures to children. In similar action, the Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol voted to allow the application of the precautionary principle to replace existing wireless networks whenever possible with wired networks or those that emit less radiation.

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) recommendations are published in the Environmental Health in Israel Report 2014 which states that

“Precautions should be strictly enforced with regard to children, who are more sensitive to developing cancer.”

The Report makes the following points:

  • Cell Phones: “The MoH recommends sensible use of cellular and wireless technology, including: considering alternatives like landline telephones” MoH recommendations include: use a speaker or hands-free phone accessory or (non-wireless) personal earphone in order to distance the telephone from the body, reduce the amount and duration of calls, and in areas of weak reception reduce calls because of higher radiation.
  • Children: MoH recommends: “refraining from installing the base of wireless phones in a bedroom, work room, or children’s room.”
  • Schools: Levels of non-ionizing radiation were measured in 25 schools nation-wide and “based on these findings, the MoEP recommends that students remain at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from electrical cabinets and that use of wireless communication networks in schools be reduced.”
  • Reduce Exposure in Cars: The MoH recommends not using cellphones in closed places like cars or elevators, buses, and trains unless there is an external antenna “due to amplified radiation in such places.” “When driving, a hands-free device should be used for calls. It is recommended to install an antenna outside the vehicle and to use a line connection between the telephone and the speaker as opposed to using Bluetooth.”
  • Research: Previous research findings in Israel “clearly indicated a link between cellphone use for more than 10 years and the development of tumors in the salivary glands.” Israel is currently a partner in two additional international studies: (1) MOBI-Kids, a multi-center study involving experts from 16 countries who are examining potential associations between use of communication devices and other environmental factors and risk of brain tumors, and (2) the GERoNiMO (Generalised EMF Research using Novel Methods) project, which uses an integrated approach and expertise from 13 countries to further the state of knowledge on EMF and health.

The Report concludes with a chapter by Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program, who states, “Israel is a world leader in research on the health effects of non-ionizing radiation. If some of the studies turn out to be harbingers of things to come, we may have major health consequences from the nearly ubiquitous presence of wireless equipment.”

The recently published ​ISRAEL 2015 RF Safety Reportdetails current actions on EMFS such as:

  • New Public Education Website: The Israeli government launched the public education website TNUDA (www.tnuda.org.il) of the National Information Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation to guide the public and decision-makers on the educated use of technology.
  • Guidelines for the installation and operation of Wi-Fi networks in schools: Following a petition seeking an outright ban on Wi-Fi in Schools, the government is banning Wi-Fi in kindergartens and restricting hours of use in schools, installing equipment with exposures to be set as low as possible, and monitoring radiofrequency (RF) radiation levels.
  • Government Testing Finds that Mobile Phones Violate Manufacturers’ Reported SAR: In a study conducted by the Ministry for Environmental Protection and the Holon Institute of Technology, the SAR of 10 models of mobile phones was measured using phantoms. The measured SAR exceeded the SAR declared by the manufacturer, when the phone was held close to the head and in bad reception mode (100% of the maximum power).
  • ELF EMF limits are recommended at numbers far below international limits. These recommendations were set to account for research showing links to leukemia. “The Ministry of Health (MoH) jointly recommend a threshold of two milligauss on an average annual basis when planning an electrical facility or four milligauss on a daily average.” A study performed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and by the Education Ministry has found that in more than 60% of the schools in Israel at least one classroom had magnetic fields exceeding 0.4 ųT. Action was taken to reduce exposure in these schools.
  • Headsets and safety information required with every new mobile phone: According to a settlement agreement accepted by the Tel Aviv-Yafo District Court in February 2014, cellular operators must inform buyers of new mobile phones about the radiation safety instructions as formulated by the manufacturer, provide a hands-free kit with every new mobile phone, and provide information on the safe use of mobile phones on its website.
  • National radiofrequency monitoring program : The Ministry of Environmental Protection is operating a national RF monitoring system with stations that continuously measure the entire range of RF and transmit the data to a central computer that analyzes and displays online the results of measurements.

On June 10, 2015, the Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol voted to allow the application of the precautionary principle to cell phones mandating the state government to:

  1. To replace existing wireless networks whenever possible with networks that emit less radiation at schools, preschools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other public facilities.
  2. Establish a working group whose mandate it is to assess these new technologies and their exposure levels. With regard to wireless communication technologies, mobile Internet access, and public health, the working group shall clarify which technologies emit less radiation and provide sustainable technology options and
  3. To start an education and awareness campaign that informs about possible health risks, especially regarding the unborn, infants, children, and adolescents and that develops guidelines for a safer use of cell phones, smartphones, and Wi-Fi.

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Currently EHT is raising health concerns about wireless in schools and recommending safer hardwired internet connection installations. The foundation’s website is the go-to place for clear, science-based information to prevent disease. Please visit EHtrust.org and on Facebook.

Source: http://ehtrust.org/eht-lauds-israels-ban-on-wi-fi-in-kindergarten-and-limits-to-childrens-wireless-exposures-in-schools-additionally-the-italian-state-of-tyrol-now-calls-for-limiting-wireless-in-schools/

Smart Meters ‘Wide Open’ to Cyber Attack That Can Cause ‘Havoc’ Says Hacking Expert

Cyber Attacks AheadSmart Grid Today conducted an interview last week with Cris Thomas, a strategist at Tenable Network Security and a founding member of the L0pht Hacker Collective.  L0pht was a hacker “think tank” active from 1992 to 2000, and Thomas (aka Space Rogue) and other founders of the group testified at the US Senate in 1998 about the risks of the internet, the Washington Postreported in June of this year.

Normally available only to paid subscribers of Smart Grid Today, selected content is available for a limited period of time to others as a promotion.  Some portions of the interview as featured in today’s newsletter with an article titled, “Hacking expert urges security fundamentals,” includes the following:

“the fundamentals of cybersecurity that we learned about years ago” – is still largely ignored in the utility sector said Thomas.

The current baseline level needs to be jacked up higher, especially where it concerns smaller power providers, Thomas said.  As smaller providers deploy “internet of things” (IOT) devices, such as smart meters, some are “just buying them off the shelf and deploying them to customers without looking at the security features of those devices.”

“And they’re not installing them with the level of security the manufacturer actually offers, so they basically leave it wide open, even though the manufacturer may have added security features that the installer needs to implement.”

Larger power providers are “guilty of the same problem” when they hire third parties to install equipment and do not conduct due diligence to make sure security features are set, because most of the time, “the installer just wants to set it up and make sure it works and get out of there and get paid,” Thomas warned.

A utility’s internal and external communication systems are supposed to be separate.  “But a lot of times they are connected, allowing an attacker to get from the smart meter to the power generation grid and cause havoc in that way,” he added.

At this website we have continued to chronicle and document the significant risks related to smart meter technology.  The utilities essentially ignore the problem as documented in the above referenced Smart Grid Today article as related to cybersecurity threats.  Thus, the evidence continues to mount on the risks despite the continued deployment of smart meters.

Source Material for this Article

“Hacking expert urges security fundamentals,” at http://www.smartgridtoday.com/public/Hacking-expert-urges-security-fundamentals.cfm [link likely available for public viewing for a limited period of time as a promotion by Smart Grid Today].

Note:  As the Smart Grid Today article is copyrighted, only a small portion is highlighted here and is represented as “fair use” under the provisions of 17 U.S.C. 107.  Quoted content is provided in the public’s interest for non-commercial purposes.

Source: http://smartgridawareness.org/2015/09/21/smart-meters-wide-open-to-cyber-attack/

15 minutes on your cell phone can alter brain structure and function, new study reveals

(NaturalNews) A new clinical study has found that just 15 minutes of cell phone talk time radiation exposure can alter the structure and function of the brain, including brain wave activity that is connected to cognition, mood and behavior.

Thirty-one healthy females took part in the study, published in PLOS ONE; all participants were measured twice. On one of the days, the mobile phone was attached to the women’s ears with a sham phone being placed on their chests. On the other day, the mobile phone was attached to the chest and the sham phone to the ear. During each assessment, EEG activity and radio-frequency radiation were recorded.

Significant results when cell phone placed next to the ear

The study found significant results when the cell phone was placed next to the ear. The studies authors concluded that “the results support the notion that EEG alterations are associated with mobile phone usage and that the effect is dependent on site of placement.”

This is the first placebo-controlled, single-blind study of its kind to show that as little as 15 minutes of 3G cell phone exposure directly to the ear “is associated with increased activity of the alpha, beta, and gamma frequency bands in nearly every brain region.”

Far-reaching implications on health

The implications of this research are far reaching. Since brain waves are believed to determine behavior, altering brain wave activity could affect behavior and consciousness. The ability of cell phone radiation to affect behavior has been suspected for a long time.

Real estate agent Alan Marks suffered a seizure caused by a brain tumor located next to where he held his cell phone. He began to exhibit behavioral changes several years prior to the incident. The behavioral changes were thought to be caused by the tumor developing in the part of the brain related to empathy and reason.

Previous research from the Brain Science Institute, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, found that cell phone radiation significantly boosted alpha waves in the brain. Another study carried out by the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in England found that, not only could cell phone radiation alter a person’s behavior during the call, but brain-wave patterns continued to be disrupted long afterwards. Some of the test subjects had difficulty falling asleep.

Fears about the health effects of 4G phones

Fourth generation (4G) cell phone technology is gaining in popularity rapidly; they rely on a standard that is part of the evolution of 3G. The advantage of 4G is that it offers users significantly increased data rates. The downside is that this increased performance may come at a price to your health.

A 2013 study found that 30 minutes of exposure to 4G cell phone radiation may alter brain wave activity even more than the 3G technology observed in the present study. The 4G radiation exposures were found to affect brain activity on both sides of the brain.

Why is it only now that we are hearing about the potentially lethal effects of cell phone radiation?

Many of the studies on cell phone exposure come up either null or inconclusive. Why is this? According to an independent study carried out by Dr. Andrew Marino, 87% of brain wave studies looking at the effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones are funded by the telecommunications industry. Dr. Devra Davis in her book Disconnect lays the blame fairly and squarely at the telecoms industry, accusing them of war-gaming the science in much the same way that tobacco companies and GMO corporations like Monsanto do.

Sources for this article include:




About the author:
Lloyd Burrell is the founder of http://www.electricsense.com/. Since falling prey to a violent reaction to his cell phone in 2002 Lloyd has spent more than 10 years researching the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health. He is the author of an eBook entitled “How To Beat Electrical Sensitivity” which offers a solution to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies.

You can download his free EMF Health Report and subscribe to his newsletter by visiting his website ElectricSense.com. You can also follow him on Facebook , Twitter, Youtube and .

Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/051091_cellular_radiation_brain_structure_cognitive_function.html

School’s Wi-Fi Making Son Sick, Parents Say In Lawsuit

SOUTHBORO (CBS) — A boarding school in central Massachusetts is being sued by parents who claim the school’s Wi-Fi signal is making their son sick.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports that the unidentified plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against the Fay School in Southboro. The parents say their 12-year-old son has “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome” and has suffered headaches, nosebleeds and nausea since the school activated a stronger wireless signal in 2013.

The family is seeking $250,000 in damages and wants the school to switch to Ethernet cable Internet or turn down the Wi-Fi signal, according to The Telegram.

The school said in a statement that a company analyzed the Wi-Fi and found the signal is well within federal safety limits.

“Isotrope’s assessment was completed in January 2015 and found that the combined levels of access point emissions, broadcast radio and television signals, and other RFE emissions on campus ‘were substantially less than one ten-thousandth (1/10,000th) of the applicable safety limits (federal and state).” the school said.

WBZ-TV’s Dr. Mallika Marshall reported in June that a number of people believe invisible rays are making them sick, but some doctors say there is no evidence of a link between Wi-Fi and illness.

Source: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/08/25/wifi-southboro-fay-school-sick/

Related Story

BOSTON (CBS) – Wi-Fi is all around us, but most people never give it a second thought.

A number of people, however, believe all those invisible rays are making them sick.

In the Lawson home, the only phone is a landline. Even the teenagers don’t have cell phones. Annura Lawson said quite simply, “I want to live.” She is very concerned about potential side effects from Wi-Fi.

Lawson believes the emergence of health problems coincided with the installation of a wireless water meter. She felt better after it was removed.

Then, the school where she teaches went wireless and her symptoms returned.


An 8th grade English teacher, Lawson testified before her board of education about her Wi-Fi concerns.

“I’m the mother of six children,” Lawson told the board. “I want to see them grow up, and when I’m in the Wi-Fi classroom, I don’t feel good at all.”

Dr. Robert Nagourney, an oncologist, explained some patients suffer from a syndrome called Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.

“There are two kinds of radiation that we speak about: one is ionizing, and other is non-ionizing. In ionizing radiation, clearly there’s a great risk of DNA damage, mutation, and cancer,” added Dr. Nagourney.

This danger has not been proven by non-ionizing radiation which is the type emitted by cell phones, smart meters, and Wi-Fi.

With the explosion of wireless devices, everyone’s exposure to non-ionizing radiation has increased dramatically.

“We are bathed in this type of radiation,” said Dr. Nagourney. “Does it cause medical illness? Great question, difficult to answer.”

David Carpenter, an environmental scientist, believes there is strong evidence this is a “real syndrome that causes real harm to real people.”

Carpenter estimates about 5% of the population is Wi-Fi sensitive. Many have no idea was is making them sick. “They walk around feeling ill, and they don’t know what to do about it.”

That’s what Suzanne Hoyt says happened to her, after she had Wi-Fi installed in her apartment. She felt pain in her jaws and her chest. “It was like the physical expansion of the heart.”

Dr. William Barr, a neuropsychologist, does not believe the evidence is there to support a link between Wi-Fi and illness. Patients “establish a belief that something has the potential to cause the symptom, and then when they come in contact with the cause, they develop those symptoms.”

Dr. Nagourney believes there could something to the problems patients say they are experiencing. “People have different sensitives. One person can get a bee sting and nothing happens. Another person goes into anaphylactic shock. Same bee sting, different reaction.”

In addition to heart palpitations, other common complaints include headaches and dizziness. It is important to keep in mind there are many conditions which cause these symptoms.

Source: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2015/06/08/people-believe-wi-fi-is-making-them-sick/

Thorner: Are Smart Meters an ‘Ill-Conceived Policy Decision’?

By Nancy Thorner – 

As ComEd rolls out 4,000,000 Smart Meters in an effort to “modernize the electricity grid,” many Illinois residents are pushing for a no-cost or at least low-cost option to keep their existing analog meters. Instead of benefits to the consumer, these residents see risks and increased electricity bills associated with digital Smart Meters. They are not alone.

The National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy report calls Smart Meters “a canard—a story or hoax based on specious claims about energy benefits.” It goes on to say, “Congress, state, local governments, and ratepayers, have been misled about the potential energy and cost saving benefits paid for in large part with taxpayer and ratepayer dollars.”

Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General writes, “Utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars in benefits to consumers from these new meters. The utilities want to experiment with expensive and unproven technology, yet all the risk will lie with consumers. The pitch is that smart meters will allow consumers to monitor their electrical usage, helping them to reduce consumption and save money. Consumers do not need to be forced to pay billions for smart technology to know how to reduce their utility bills. We know how to turn down the heat and shut off the lights.”

Judge O’Connell of the Michigan Appellate Court writes in an opinion on an opt-out-rate case, “The Public Service Commission and Consumers Energy advance the notion that smart meters will save the public money on their utility bills.  Unfortunately, this argument is inherently illogical:  how can smart meters save money when Consumers seeks to add millions of dollars to the base rate to fund the AMI [Smart Meter] program?  It appears, as the Attorney General argues and as in other states, that the smart meter program actually increases rates.” ComEd promotes the same illogical reasoning.

Some state and local jurisdictions across the country are becoming aware of risks associated with Smart Meters and objecting to deployment and/or insisting on opt-outs. In California there are 57 jurisdictions opposed to installation and 15 have passed ordinances making Smart Meter installations illegal. In spite of the opposition and opt-outs being offered in California and other states, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has interpreted a state utility law to mandate compliance.  Therefore, 4,000,000 Wireless Smart Meters are to be installed on ALL homes and buildings in the ComEd service territory.

Warrenville Environmental Advisory Commission (WEAC) put in their newsletter: “WEACwould like to make a true opt-opt possible; the City does not have regulatory authority to do so.”

It now rests on the shoulders of informed citizens to educate their lawmakers, local government officials, community leaders, and neighbors.  Many citizens are diligently working to secure an opt-out option and protect their families from the health effects, fire hazards, privacy violations, and cyber security risks which continue to be reported in the U.S. and around the world.  There are 200 environmentally conscious groups opposing Smart Meter deployments in their countries and local communities.

Ironically, Wireless Smart Meters are not necessary to modernize the Smart Grid and are certainly not “Green”.  These meters add layers of RF radiation to the environment and require extra energy usage for collectors, routers, and to run various functions of the mesh networks.

Illinois lawmakers must have been misled with regard to the “benefits” and not told about the consequences to have allowed this ill-advised program to proceed.  What is essential now is for lawmakers to secure a permanent low-cost or no cost opt-out for their constituents.

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) argues that allowing customers to refuse a Smart Meter is good public policy because forcing customers to accept a Smart Meter will not be conducive to gaining widespread customer acceptance.  CUB is  further convinced that forcing customers who, whatever their reasons, do not desire a Smart Meter [to accept one] unfairly punishes those customers.

Judge O’Connell, when discussing the issue of an opt-out fee in the case referenced above, writes, “Why penalize those citizens… who have pacemakers and implant devices [by] being exposed to smart meters that are not UL certified safe for these devises.  Electro-sensitivity may prevent some citizens from installing smart meters or visiting homes that have working smart meters.”

In the same decision when addressing health consequences, Judge O’Connell writes, [Smart meter] “issues are of great concern, not just locally, but also nationally and internationally.  I note that 50  years ago, only a few brilliant minds were concerned about the health hazards of smoking, and we have only recently become aware of the health hazards of second-hand smoke.  I suspect there is no need to mention the health hazards of lead-based paint or radium painted glow-in-the dark watches.  At the time, all of these products were not considered health hazards.”

The Judge continues, “Historically,it is less burdensome to address theseissues asthey arisethantoattempt to reform20yearsof ill-conceived policy decisions.”     

Some of the reasons why Smart Meters are an “Ill-conceived policy decision”:

1)  In May of 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Radio Frequency emissions from Smart Meters as Class 2B Carcinogen. According to Richard Conrad, Ph.D., “This means in order to continue to receive electrical power, people are forced to live with a device on their homes that emits possibly carcinogenic microwaves 24/7.  The results of thousands of studies strongly suggest that microwaves are not safe for humans.  If the smart meter roll-out plan had been submitted as a proposal for an experiment on human beings, which it undeniably is, any institutional Review Board…would have rejected it outright.

2) Utilities were exempt from conducting environmental or health impact studies. Electric companies were excused from any governmental or public review showing how the decision to implement Wireless Smart Meters was safe for humans, plants, animals and the planet.

3) Privacy is a great concern. Household activities and behavior within closed doors can now be monitored through the collection of detailed discrete data. Personal habits, work schedules, and family activities are being recorded. Interpreting the data can let the utility or unwelcome parties know when the family is home or on vacation. Electric companies selling the data to a third party is now in question. In the end, the data is more valuable to the power company than the rates collected.

4) Using wireless Smart Meter Networks to connect every household appliance, alarm system, computer, car-charging station, etc., in every home, business, and government building to the Internet leaves every aspect of modern living vulnerable to cyber-attack.

On the issue of privacy Judge O’Connell writes, “Appellants argued that smart meters may in fact be the instrument of monitoring, listening, and viewing activities in individual’s homes. They also argued that smart meters are networked and, without proper security measures, anyone, including the government and hackers, could monitor a customer’s activities. I would find it disconcerting, if true, that a smart meter in conjunction with a smart television might allow others to listen and record private conversations in one’s living room.”

5) Every Smart Meter is an open portal or access point into the Smart Grid. This means foreign or domestic hackers on a larger scale and thieves on a smaller scale have an open invitation to whatever data they want to take or whatever system they want to disrupt. Consider the 4,000,000 access points ComEd is installing throughout Illinois and how vulnerable that makes residential communities.

6) Tom Lawton from TESCO on Smart Meters: “the number of reported fires in the United States has increased dramatically to the point where [Smart] Meter fires have dominated the news locally, nationally and internationally at various times in the past three years. Utilities going through a full deployment are seeing incident rates one and two orders of magnitude greater than normal, leading to a media frenzy and a public focus on the safety of the [Smart] Meter on the side of their house.”

7) Norman Lambe (LA Home and Business Insurance Examiner) writes, “The real problems concerning the installation of 51 million Smart Meters in this country are being ignored, in spite of the evidence that we have a clear and present danger.  When the electrical utility determines that a Smart Meter is the issue, they have been removing the meter. [That means] tampering with evidence concerning the cause of the fire. However, the real issue as to why all the [Smart] Meters are failing is not being dealt with.

Smart Meters can well be considered an “ill-conceived policy” in light of the health threat, invasion of privacy, hacking potential, fire risk, and increased electric bills for the majority of residents. It is unjust and not the American way to force these meters on every home without warning residents of the potential risks and offering them a choice. ComEd customers who want to ensure their family’s privacy and safety should have the option of an opt-out for their own peace of mind.

Source: http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2015/08/thorner-are-smart-meters-an-ill-conceived-policy-decision.html

Cell phone radiation and metal dental work linked to cancer and toxicity, study finds

(NaturalHealth365) A new study has found that cell phone radiation exposures significantly increased nickel concentration in the saliva of adult patients who wear dental braces.

Fifty healthy patients with fixed orthodontic appliances were asked not to use their cell phones for a week. Their saliva samples were taken at the end of the week. During the next week the patients were allowed to use their cell phone and were asked to record their mobile phone usage times. A second saliva collection was taken and the nickel levels were measured again.

Proof: Cell phone usage does increase nickel in the human body

The peer-reviewed study found that cell phone use significantly increased nickel concentration compared to when they did not use their cell phones. It was also found that patients who spoke more on their cell phone had a greater increase in salivary nickel concentration.

The adverse effect of cell phone radiation on the release of nickel was found to be more prominent in women because they spoke more on their cell phones.

Nickel alloys are often used in orthodontics for metallic brackets, arch wires, and bands. But nickel is a known toxic and carcinogenic metal. According to the Environmental Health Research Unit in India, “nickel is a known haematotoxic, immunotoxic, neurotoxic, genotoxic, reproductive toxic, pulmonary toxic, nephrotoxic , hepatotoxic and carcinogenic agent.” It is also known to cause metal-induced allergic dermatitis.

Cell phones pose a serious threat to our children

This new study was conducted on young adults who had fixed orthodontic appliances. But the implications of these findings for children are particularly worrying.

Today, many children are cell phone users. A young child’s brain can absorb twice as much radiation as the adult’s brain. Multiple studies indicate that children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of cell phone radiation.

Given that children are more likely to be fitted for dental braces than adults, the implications of this research are far reaching.

Nickel is not the only threat to our health

There is considerable evidence to support the fact that dental amalgams are a huge issue also. Most amalgams are 50% liquid mercury and 50% other metals, things like powdered zinc, copper and tin.

These materials are mixed together and they appear to set within a matter of minutes. But, they never do set properly, they just become a stiff porridge. All the different metals in the amalgam become batteries (electro galvanism) in the context of the mouth. The amalgam filling discharges mercury vapor all the time.

Editor’s note: Did you know that 80% of disease symptoms are caused by problems in the mouth? Register now for the Holistic Oral Health Summit, online and FREE 9/28-10/5!

Watch out: EMFs increase the release of mercury vapors

Previous studies have found that EMF exposures cause significant increases in release of mercury into the body of individuals with mercury-based ‘silver’ fillings. The source of these EMFs are not necessarily just from cell phones they may be from computer monitors, Wi-Fi, televisions, microwave ovens and other appliances.

Are the metals in your mouth acting like an antenna?

Metals act as natural antennas emitting and receiving ambient EMFs. As Dr. Lina Garcia explains, “I think that we should not overlook the possibility that metal-containing dental work, especially titanium implants, could be acting like antennas for the microwave transmissions going on between our cell phones and all of the cell phone towers in our 21st century environment.”

Take action: Do everything you can to protect your health

Firstly, there is the question of dental health. In the case of orthodontic appliances, ask yourself do you really need them? In many cases a skilled osteopath can resolve dental issues without the need for orthodontic appliances.

If you have mercury-based ‘silver’ fillings, consider having them safely (properly) removed. Consult with a holistic dentist, take advice on having your dental amalgams replaced with a non metallic alternative.  But, don’t do anything until you know what you’re doing.

Register now for the Holistic Oral Health Summit, online and FREE 9/28 – 10/5!

Being particularly cautious about safe cell phone use is hugely important. This article gives some valuable tips on how you can do that. But many of us are subjected to EMF exposures in our every day lives.

Here are some more EMF protection tips:

  • Eliminate/reduce use of Wi-Fi
  • Replace cordless phones with corded versions
  • Avoid using a microwave oven
  • Avoid Bluetooth personal devices
  • Make sure all computer equipment is wired

About the author: Lloyd Burrell is the founder of ElectricSense.com. His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!


Source: http://www.naturalhealth365.com/cell-phone-radiation-nickel-cancer-1551.html#

Seattle’s First EMF-Reduced Homes Debut in the Central District

31SEATTLE- Isola Home’s “Vida” project is Seattle’s first “EMF Reduced” community featuring 15 row homes located in the Central District, at 120 20th Avenue.

In addition to sustainability features, the Vida project addresses the growing public concern about the health effects of an increasingly wired world. EMF’s (electromagnetic field) come from electricity and include power lines, wiring, and hand-held devices, wireless technologies such as cell phones and towers, WI-FI, wireless routers, baby monitors, and appliances.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of electricity powered technology, the EMF subject is of public concern. The health effects often cited in the research include damage to DNA and genes, memory loss, learning, behavior, attention disorders, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. While there is “little conclusive evidence,” numerous studies, past and present, examine the health risks of direct and indirect exposure to EMF’s.

With Vida, Seattle-based, home builder Isola Homes, partnered with Dana Stream, CEO of Lifestream Solutions to look at ‘EMF ‘at various levels of the project’s development. “For decades, the tobacco industry didn’t find any ‘conclusive evidence’ about the health risks of smoking. Isola prefers to put health and wellness first,” said Stream. More Millennials and Boomers are choosing to power down and reduce their exposure to electricity.

Vida took a similar approach starting with the foundation by shielding the wiring, and designing an EMF ‘Quiet Zone’ in the sleeping area. Isola will present the “EMF Reduced” approach at on site, behind-the-walls preview on April 25th and 26th.

by Eva Otto

About Isola
Isola Homes is a Seattle-based home builder specializing in Built Green modern homes. By continually implementing innovative sustainable design and environmental stewardship in their construction techniques, Isola Homes stand for livability, quality construction and energy efficiency. http://www.isolahomes.com

Source: http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2015/03/community-post-seattles-first-emf-reduced-homes-debut-in-the-central-district/

Captured Agency: How The FCC Is Dominated By The Industries It Regulates

Cell Phone's Light
A new report published by Harvard University claims the telecommunications industry has unlimited access to shape Federal Communications Commission (FCC) policies at the expense of public health, consumer safety, privacy, and consumer wallets.

The Corrupted Network

The report claims that the FCC, which is a government agency that is supposed to act as a regulator, sits at the heart of a “bipartisan Washington web of institutional corruption” that has for many years been championing corporate interests often at public expense. This industry stranglehold extends from:

  • Its well-placed campaign spending in Congress
  • Control of the FCC‘s Congressional oversight committees
  • Persistent agency lobbying.

The report goes even further by saying that in the case of wireless radiation health issues industry control extends beyond Congress and regulators, to basic scientific research

Troubling Body Of Evidence Linked To Negative Health Effects

Whilst guardedly describing the EMF science as “controversial” the report admits that “a troubling body of evidence suggests exposure to even low emission levels at typical cellular frequencies between 300 MHz and 3 GHz can have a wide range of negative effects.”

The report goes on to cite some of the numerous studies that link wireless exposures to adverse health effects:

A 2002 study that compared the health of people living at different distances within 300 meters of cell towers with those living more than 300 meters away ―Results indicated increased symptoms the closer a person lived to a tower.

A 2007 cell tower study in Egypt found headaches, memory changes, dizziness, tremors, depressive symptoms, and sleep disturbance were significantly higher among exposed inhabitants.

A 2013 Indian study concluded that, “RF-EMF [electro magnetic fields] radiation exposure can change neurotransmitter functions, blood-brain barrier, morphology,electrophysiology, cellular metabolism, calcium efflux, and gene and protein expression in certain types of cells even at lower intensities.”

Experts Speak Out Against The Dangers

Dr. Martin Blank, Special Lecturer in Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University, sees cause for concern in the type of radiation emitted by wireless devices, “the biology tells you unequivocally that the cell treats radiation as a potentially damaging influence…..the biology tells you it’s dangerous at a low level.” Professor Leif Salford, chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the prestigious Lund and former president of the European Association for Neuro-Oncology has stated that wireless usage constituted “the world’s largest biological experiment ever.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which represents 60,000 physicians states, “children are disproportionately affected by environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. The differences in bone density and the amount of fluid in a child‘s brain compared to an adult‘s brain could allow children to absorb greater quantities of RF energy deeper into their brains than adults.”

Wireless Industry Uses Dirty Tactics Tobacco Industry Used Previously

The report reveals that the wireless industry uses similar ‘dirty’ tactics to those that the tobacco industry used previously, such as:

  • Refusing to examine the scientific evidence of adverse health effects
  • Bullying and aggressive legal action
  • Stonewalling PR
  • Undermining the credibility of scientists that produce studies which could alarm the public
  • Cutting scientist funding where the findings could prove damaging
  • Intentionally publishing contradictory science
  • Trivializing dissenters even when they are highly credible
  • Creating a misleading view about scientific consensus
  • Light to non-existent regulation

Revolving Door Between Industry & Regulator

Revolving door is a term used to describe a free-flow of movement of personnel between roles as legislators and regulators and the industries themselves. Nowhere, it appears, is this more true than with the wireless industry and the FCC. The current president of the FCC is none other than Tom Wheeler, a man who previously led two of the most powerful industry lobbying groups, the CTIA and the NCTA.

The report points out that this is the same Tom Wheeler who once supervised a $25 million industry funded research program on cell phone radiation health effects. But when the research leader concluded that cell phone radiation did raise the risk of brain tumors the CTIA, under Wheeler‘s direction, allegedly rushed to muffle the message. Dr. George Carlo the research leader recalls Wheeler saying, “you do the science. I‘ll take care of the politics.”

According to the report this revolving door of movement of key personnel is also evidenced in the appointment of these former FCC commissioners now heading these powerful lobbies:

  • Meredith Atwell Baker: now in charge of the CTIA
  • Michael Powell: in charge of the NCTA
  • Jonathan Adelstein: head of wireless Infrastructure Association

Impossible To Stop A Cell Tower Being Erected On Health Grounds

Undoubtedly the most worrying aspect of this report is the revelation that scientific evidence as to the adverse health effects of wireless radiation has been covered up. The report traces this back to the Telecom Communications Act of 1996, which in declaring “no state or local government may prohibit any entity from providing telecommunications services” effectively made it impossible to prevent a cell tower from being erected on purely health grounds. And yet the health concerns are real.

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