Seattle’s First EMF-Reduced Homes Debut in the Central District

31SEATTLE- Isola Home’s “Vida” project is Seattle’s first “EMF Reduced” community featuring 15 row homes located in the Central District, at 120 20th Avenue.

In addition to sustainability features, the Vida project addresses the growing public concern about the health effects of an increasingly wired world. EMF’s (electromagnetic field) come from electricity and include power lines, wiring, and hand-held devices, wireless technologies such as cell phones and towers, WI-FI, wireless routers, baby monitors, and appliances.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of electricity powered technology, the EMF subject is of public concern. The health effects often cited in the research include damage to DNA and genes, memory loss, learning, behavior, attention disorders, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. While there is “little conclusive evidence,” numerous studies, past and present, examine the health risks of direct and indirect exposure to EMF’s.

With Vida, Seattle-based, home builder Isola Homes, partnered with Dana Stream, CEO of Lifestream Solutions to look at ‘EMF ‘at various levels of the project’s development. “For decades, the tobacco industry didn’t find any ‘conclusive evidence’ about the health risks of smoking. Isola prefers to put health and wellness first,” said Stream. More Millennials and Boomers are choosing to power down and reduce their exposure to electricity.

Vida took a similar approach starting with the foundation by shielding the wiring, and designing an EMF ‘Quiet Zone’ in the sleeping area. Isola will present the “EMF Reduced” approach at on site, behind-the-walls preview on April 25th and 26th.

by Eva Otto

About Isola
Isola Homes is a Seattle-based home builder specializing in Built Green modern homes. By continually implementing innovative sustainable design and environmental stewardship in their construction techniques, Isola Homes stand for livability, quality construction and energy efficiency.



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