EMF Testing: The Most Dangerous EMF Hot Spots In Your Home!

By Derek Henry

Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 02:20pm EST

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EMF’s are as ubiquitous in our life as the air we breathe. To avoid them would require significantly distancing oneself from anything with electrical components and Wi-Fi signals. This essentially puts you in a cave on an island in the South Pacific.

So until you are ready to make a transition to an off the grid home run solely through solar energy in the middle of the forest, you need to be aware of the mega threats of EMF’s in your home and premises, so you can adapt and take necessary precautions to avoid the onslaught that weakens your body and immune system.
EMF threats in home (with measurements)

First of all, EMFs are present anywhere there is electrical wiring or devices, and a Wi-Fi signal. This makes any modern home a virtual EMF bath, unless proper precautions are taken to limit acute exposure and use grounding methods to offset the load.

Secondly, the level of EMFs someone is exposed to, the proximity, and length of time are important. The higher the measurement and the closer one is to the electrical component, the greater the degree of exposure. There are various suggestions as to what measurements are considered dangerous, but it is generally accepted that anything over 1 milliGauss (mG) is considered harmful.

So, with that in mind, here are some EMF measurements with a Gauss meter for some common household devices:

Macbook Pro Laptop: 50 to 100 mg’s (1 inch from screen); 2-3 mG’s (12 inches from screen).
Cordless phone: 4-5 mG’s (1/2 inch from ear piece)
Cell phone: 2-3 mG’s (1/2 inch away) with display lit up; 4 mG’s (1/2 inch away) in transmission mode; 25-50 mG’s (1/2 inch away) while receiving a transmission (i.e.. ringing). It’s important to note that when the cell phone display is off, it measures under 1 mG. The real danger comes from talking on it, especially while wearing glasses with any metal wiring due to their conductive effect.
Household plug in: 8-10 mG’s at source; 1-2 mG’s (6 inches away).
Television: 5 mG’s (24 inches away)
Game console: 2 mG’s (36 inches away)
Alarm clock: 2 mG’s (1 inch away), 1 mG (up to 12 inches away)
Microwave: 4-8 mG’s (6 inches away, and not in transmission mode)
Stove: 10 mG’s (12 inches away)

It’s very important to note that with all these devices in a single home, the ambient levels of EMFs rise. Although proximity and time of exposure to any of these components is the most concerning, one needs to realize that the combination of the EMF’s and additional complication of Wi-Fi, raises the overall EMF exposure in every part of the home.

Additionally, these levels noted can fluctuate based on different devices, TV’s, appliances, ambient levels of EMFs in home, etc. However, the common thread is that they all pose an EMF threat, some more serious than others.

Other notables that can produce dangerous levels of EMFs include:

Smart meters: 50 mG’s (6 inches away)
Inside a vehicle: Anywhere between 2 mG’s to 15 mG’s (mini vans with sliding doors tend to be higher, and electric cars can pose a more significant risk).
Under heavy power lines: Up to 20 mG’s directly underneath, and up to 6 mG’s 15 yards away.
Sleep number beds and electric blankets: Not measured, but a very significant effect due to direct contact and hours in contact with it (up to 8 hours or more).
Airports and airplanes: Arguably the highest exposure points with all types of radio transmission and electrical activity (especially inside an airplane).
Workplace: Especially in cubicles with banks of computers and office equipment.
Baby monitors: Especially due to the fact that sensitivity is heightened with newborns and their brain development.

EMFs in and of themselves can be relatively harmless to most people, provided exposure is very limited and balanced with appropriate exposure to the more resonant negative charge of the earth’s surface. However, this is not anywhere near the case with people basking in EMFs through our modern conveniences and shielding themselves from the more biologically appropriate frequency of the earth, primarily through rubber soled footwear and rubber tires (on vehicles).

Keep in mind that our body’s have a unique and delicate electrical charge that resonates extremely well with the earth’s natural voltage, and not so well with EMFs. Your body is the most conductive thing in your house, which means EMFs are attracted right to you, causing your natural voltage to shoot up and become out of balance. This will cause your body to become “wired”, and not in a healthy way!

To deal with EMFs effectively, one must become more in direct contact with the earth’s natural voltage, and much less with the voltage of EMFs. To do this, you can use the surface of the earth directly, or technology that harnesses that frequency and allows you to be in contact with it, while in EMF charged places.

To understand more about this “EMF neutering” technique, how to do it, and the technology that can help, read Grounding – The Ultimate Healing Technique?.

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